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Detro Two Player Table Tennis Paddle and ball Set with Net



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Discover our deluxe 2-player table tennis set, perfect for enhancing your table tennis experience! Ideal for indoor use, this set comes with 6 balls, a retractable net, and a convenient carry case for uninterrupted gameplay anywhere you go. We at Detro Product Development have been in the business of designing table tennis products since the ‘70s, so we understand what is suitable for all levels of table tennis players. Our paddles have been engineered for optimal control of speed and spin, promising an exciting game every time!

This travel set features 3-star 40+ ABS competition-grade balls, this set guarantees a consistent shot and bounce compared to others available. The net will fit any table up to 72 inches wide. Our paddles feature high-ply hardwood construction and resilient sponge and rubber design, guaranteeing durability and superior performance!

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPONGE & RUBBER – the top sheets of each paddle have a slight stickiness so the ball can sink in, providing a fantastic spin. The underlying sponge sheet will compress with the impact of the ball and spring back out like a trampoline, adding speed to your shots.
  • PREMIUM 7-PLY HARDWOOD PADDLES – the paddles are crafted for comfort, with a 7-ply hardwood design and 1.8mm performance rubber for extra speed and spin. The ergonomic handles are produced precisely to give you a strong grip and ensure maximum control.
  • IMPROVE YOUR PING PONG – no matter how experienced you are, our durable, grippy paddles are designed to improve your strength and accuracy. While our 3-star competition-standard balls give you a more predictable shot and bounce than other balls on the market, improving your confidence and your scores!
  • HANDY CARRY CASE – our Detro carry case ensures that you can easily take your ping pong set everywhere you go so you’re always ready for a rematch! The protective case cushions the paddle and balls in soft plastic so you can stay organized and keep everything in one place for your next game!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – while we have worked hard to produce the finest indoor table tennis paddles and balls, our top priority is our customer’s happiness. If you are not completely satisfied with your table tennis set, we will give you a full refund.


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